How Do Men Deal With Addiction?

For those who suffer from addiction being a male or a female doesn’t really matter.  Substance abuse is substance abuse and how we deal with it as a person will determine our results.  For men however, there are some thing that they do that is different from women.  For this, residential addiction treatment for men louisville centers may be a better solution than others.

Admitting that they have a problem

As a male, admitting that they have a problem is going to be harder than a woman.  For men, the image of being strong and capable of handling any problem is what’s expected.  If a male shows any signs of weakness or uncertainty, they will retreat and avoid the situation.

Will remove themselves from the picture

This is a consequence of the first issue.  If a male feel that they are in danger of being found out, then they will retreat or remove themselves from the situation.  It is through this process they can regroup or go and do what needs to be done in order to make themselves better.

Less likely to take medications

This is a universal issue between men and women.  However, most men will outright refuse to take medication.  For most men, they feel that medication is not manly or will alter them in unforeseen ways.  For women the process is the same way.  However, women will more than likely take the medication because they typically have to take more medication than males normally anyways. 

Start Small and Move up

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For those suffering from addiction they will typically start small with smoking or drinking.  From there they will move on to pills.  The pattern of starting small and moving their way up is not a new one.  AS our bodies adjust and the effects are lessened then we will want to get something stronger to make us feel how we originally did.