Getting Help With Your Medications

There are going to be times when we need to get help with our medications.  This will come when our prescriptions have changed as well as when we need to get refills.  To get assistance with this calling your rx customer support team is a first step.  Here are some tips that you can use to receive better results.

rx customer support

Know their down time

One of the biggest headaches is sitting on hold or getting someone who is stressed out from receiving a lot of calls.  One thing that you can do is ask your reps when you call when their down time is or when they typically have lulls in their call volume.  Some may say that they are busy or steady all day where others may give you a call window.  Either way, try to get some extra information out of them so that you can call on a better time to get better service.

Have your medications listed and ready to go

Preparation is very important as well.  When we prepare our lists and know exactly what it is we need it will be much easier to manage your calls.  If we go into this without preparing the rep on the other end may throw us for a loop causing us to look for information, phone numbers and more.

Create a call diary

Another thing that you will want to do is create a call diary.  When we create a call diary we can keep track of what we said and who said it.  In many situations you will be calling into a call center with hundreds of different people from all over the country.  So, the odds of getting the same person over and over can be unlikely.  However, if you create this diary, you can learn schedules of specific reps and document specific situations to that when you do call, you could get the same person or talk to a manager who can document the situation and review calls.